Workshop: The Story in the Song Songwriting with David Berkeley, 5/12

The Story in the Song Songwriting Workshop with David Berkeley

David Berkeley

Saturday, May 12 • Time: 10am-Noon
Tickets – $35
Place: Unitarian Fellowship, 4th and C Streets, Ashland

Can a song be a springboard for a story?

Can a story inspire a song?

How do we translate our personal narratives into lyrics?

What are the narrative restraints on a song lyric?

What are the challenges and benefits of the medium?

In this 2 hour workshop by visiting author/songwriter David Berkeley, we will explore the relationship between stories and songs, between words and music, between prose and lyrics, between reality and creativity. The class will primarily be discussion based and will begin with a short exercise where participants will write a flash fiction piece imagining a story behind one of the songs Berkeley is currently writing.
For more information, please see St Clair Productions

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