Wading Fawn

A Thirsty Fawn After Eating My Petunias

There comes a time in a fawns’ life [for about a week] when they are old enough to wander away from their mothers, but still small enough to get through the gates by squeezing between the 4 inch bars.

This morning one pictured below was twice found in the back yard.  About 30 minutes after ushering it out of the yard, it returned for seconds on the petunias.  After nibbling on more petunias, it then slipped into the pond.

It seemed content to stay in the pond.  It stood nearly chest deep and drank deeply. After it drank its fill and I had taken a few pictures, I stroked it on the back to encourage it to move out of the pond.  I was somewhat concerned about its sharp hooves standing on the rubber pond liner.  It bounded out of pond and made its way into the front yard.

Thankfully the mother was no where to be found.  She can’t get into the backyard.   We’re wondering where she was all the time her baby was frolicking behind the bars.

For those who are curious, the fur is not that soft. The hair felt thick and wiry, a little like a terriers’.

Fawn in the Pond

Wading Fawn

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