The Chipper Experience! at the Craterian

The Chipper Experience!

Chipper Experience!

Chipper Experience!

Last seen as the emcee and star of “Blink,” the irrepressible, carrot-topped Chipper Lowell returns for an evening of breathtaking illusion and side-splitting comedy.

Chipper’s fast-paced, fun-filled, family-friendly show features non-stop one-liners, ad libs and sight gags, in addition to a lot of how-did-he-do-that legerdemain. Chipper is a true original and hilarious comedian.

As one critic exclaimed, “Thank goodness the floor of the theater was clean, because I spent most of the night rolling in the aisles!”
27 February 2013 at 7:30 PM
Presented by: Craterian Performances

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