Snowy Morning at the Chanticleer

Snowy Morning at the Chanticleer

snowy morning at the Chanticleer

Apple tree in the front yard

Snowy morning at the Chanticleer, today.  Not the usual sight for most of my B&B guests who visit during the summer months, so I thought I’d share what the garden looked like this morning.

Luckily the streets are clear and safe to drive later in the morning — no need to shovel, just enjoy a snowy morning at the Chanticleer while sipping piping hot coffee.

The dusting of snow stayed on the ground, but the sidewalks cleared up soon.  The mountains however are a different story, they are covered with lots of snow. Skiers are definitely doing the happy dance.  We all hope the snow pack builds up over winter, so we can recover from last year’s drought conditions.

For now we all can enjoy a quiet snow morning in Ashland

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