Ellen Reviews Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Animal Crackers, 2012

Animal Crackers

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Animal Crackers bodes well for the 2012 season!

Is it wacky? Yes. Is it broad in humor? Oh yes. Will it delight those who adore play on words and social satire? Yes, again. Will it charm those who love song and dance? Definitely!

In the Vaudeville and Marx Brothers tradition, Animal Crackers is entertainment, strong on fun and weak on plot. But it’s Vaudeville: do we really need a solid storyline?  It’s entertainment that the entire family should enjoy. Judging by the two pre-teen girls sitting behind me who giggled, clapped and chortled throughout the entire play, I say bring the kids!

This is the first Oregon Shakespeare Festival play of the season I have seen and the first ever review I’ve written for this blog. For those who know me and know which plays I tend to favor, then you’ll know that Animal Crackers is not my kind of play.  That said, Oregon Shakespeare Festival does madcap, zany so well that you should not miss Animal Crackers.

Alan “Rosey” Rosenberg, an Ashland realtor and self-styled theater reviewer has his own take on local performances and has created a website to share his passion for theater.  So for another review (from a much more theatrically knowledgeable point of view) go to Mr. Rosenberg’s website.


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