Oregon Cabaret Theater: The Big Bang, a new musical, 3/30 thru 5/27/12

Oregon Cabaret Theater

The Big Bang March 30 – May 27, Previews March 28 & 29

Jed and Boyd are ambitious young songwriters hosting a backer’s audition to finance their show The Big Bang, the most extravagant musical ever written. However for this evening it’s just the two guys madly tearing around a Park Avenue penthouse using every available piece of furniture and home decor to act out all the parts of their show whose subject is the entire history of the world. Adam and Eve enjoy free food in Eden. Slaves kvetch about schlepping stones to build the pyramids. Nefertiti’s a soul diva. Caesar ignores the soothsayer’s warning about getting “whacked.” Pocahontas and Minnehaha in a Manhattan bar bemoan the lackluster dating scene. And a hasty closing number sums up the whole 20th century in one frantic finale. The writing is brilliantly clever, outrageous stereotypes abound and the energy never lags as Time flies by in a flurry of hilarity.

“The funniest, most spirited and downright goofy 80-minute survey of history we’ve ever seen.” Philadelphia Inquirer

Oregon Cabaret Theater, a dinner theatre in a beautifully restored old church. The season is from February to December. OCT does Monday night performances! Fun, campy and entertaining — a couple of blocks from the Chanticleer Inn.

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