“Great Society” Rates Highest in the Larson’s 2014 OSF Scorecard

“The Great Society” Ranked and Rated by My Guests

For many years, the Larson Family has been attending plays at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  While visiting at the Chanticleer, Victoria shared with me how the family has developed a system to score and rate the plays they see.  Each family member scores the plays (1-9, of course plays being highly regarded get 9) he or she sees.  Then an average is calculated.  Below is an image of the Larson Family’s 2014 OSF score sheet.

It comes as no surprise that “Great Society“, a play written by Robert Schenkkan that just won a 2014 Tony Award,  was uniformly liked by all family members, and then followed by “Comedy of Errors”.

Great Society Ranked by the Larson Family

The Larson Family’s Scoring System

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