Fruit Crumble in Chanticleer Inn Cookbook

Fruit Crumble II, page 24

Fruit Crumble II a Chanticleer Inn staff's favorite

Fruit Crumble II

Page 24 in the “Recipes Are Like Pearls” cookbook.

This continues to be one of my staff’s favorite first-course recipes. As the fruit vary with the seasons, the crumble is never really the same. Fruit crumble is an easy and tasty first course for a full breakfast. Also makes for a healthy dessert — yes, desserts can be healthy!

If you have already made some apple compote or stone fruit compote, you can use it as the base for the crumble. Sometimes we mix a little homemade jam with the fruit, or drop in bits of butter.

Dietary Note:
For a gluten-free version, exclude the flour, and increase the nuts and oatmeal.
For dairy-free, substitute coconut oil for the butter or drizzle in maple syrup to bind the oats.

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