Fledged Screech Owls

Screech Owls! Great photo from KBO

screech owls

“We’re watching you”   Photo (C) Peter J Thiemann.

These are the very same Screech Owl babies  who were ‘disrupting’ the plays in the Elizabethan theater earlier in the season.

As soon as the music started up or actors started to say their lines, the owlets would join in. The audience could hear them in the ‘background’ [thankfully they weren’t miked] and it sounded like the sound system was having a problem.

When they were hungry and calling for food from their parent, they were even louder. There’s a reason they are called “Screech Owls”!

Now that they are fully fledged (as you can see by the picture) and learning to hunt for themselves, it’s been much quieter in the theater.

This photo comes from Klamath Bird Observatory Facebook page.

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