Fawn Born in the Chanticleer’s Garden

A Fawn is Born

Less than a few hours old

The Fawn Less Than a Few Hours Old

A baby deer arrived early Sunday morning on June 8th — the newest addition to the “herd”.

For a couple of weeks before, each afternoon the mother hid in my rhodies under my bedroom window. It was obvious that she had selected the rhodies for the delivery room. 
A number of years ago, there was another doe that delivered her babies in the same place each year … it might be the case this doe was one of her babies who now is birthing her fawn under the same rhodies.
The image is blurry, but you can see how small it is compared to the mother’s leg. She got nervous with me taking pictures and led the baby across the street.

The Fawn Skittering Across the Street


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