Escape Ashland — a must do!

Escape Ashland

My staff and I had great fun at Escape Ashland a couple of weeks ago. We all hands-down recommend this experience! We loved the challenge to jointly solve the riddles and puzzle out the clues to get out of the room.

All escape rooms have a fictional location — this one is called “The Audition” set in a theater Green Room. Escape Ashland is creating another room in a different location called “Ramblin Rogue” its theme will be classic western, complete with a saloon, jail, and a pending shoot out in the O.K. corral.

The set up: you’re an actor who wants to play Henry in Henry V. However someone else wants the part and hides the script and locks you in the green room. You need to find the script with your audition speech. You have an hour. Thankfully, there’s no need to ‘know’ the play.

The team assembles, we called ourselves "Ellen and her Chickpeas"

The team assembles, we called ourselves “Ellen and her Chickpeas”

Mariah Searching for a Clue in the Green Room

Mariah searching for a clue in the Green Room

Perfect Event for Chanticleer Inn Guests

Many times my guests want to do something fun, interesting, and different. Maybe the weather isn’t great for a hike, but you still want to get out and be active? Maybe there is only so many wineries you can sip at, so many galleries you can shop at, and want some intellectual stimulation that doesn’t involve sitting in a dark theater? Escape Ashland is the answer: in town, walking distance from the Chanticleer Inn, and takes only 90 minutes.

What’s an Escape Room

Escape rooms are live-action experiences that became a thing in 2007 in Japan. They were inspired by escape-the-room–style video games. They have quickly caught on and are now all over the world. Ashland Escape opened early this year.


Location: Escape Ashland Room  147 N. Pioneer St
Contact: Phone:
 541–613-6488  Email:
Questions? Go to Ashland Escape’s FAQ

Escape Ashland clue?

Is there a clue in here?

Escape Ashland

Desiree and Michiko Pondering a Puzzle

We did it!


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