Ellen Reviews Oregon Shakespeare Festival “White Snake“, 2012

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The White Snake. Concept and Illustrations by Owen Jones and Partners, Ltd. Photography by Jenny Graham.

White Snake, adapted by Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is a fairytale portrayed with lavish beauty and clever illusion.

An ancient tale with classic messages, enacted beautifully with a blend of puppetry, light, ingenious prop use, acrobatic dance and live music. Both tragic and comedic, the tale will speak to many about loyalty, jealousy and most of all, loving enduring acceptance of others despite their demons.

The run time is shorter than most plays, thus you will be transported into the fairytale with no interruptions, i.e., no intermission!

If it’s not obvious by now, I really liked this performance. My only regret is that White Snake will not be played for the full season. It closes July 8th. Only those who come early in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s season will be rewarded with this delightful performance.

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