Dancin Vineyard

Dancin Vineyard

Dancin Vineyard was our first stop on a brief day trip with friends. The plan was to taste at Dancin, and then have lunch in Jacksonville. The vineyard was so inviting and they serve food! So we thought: we’re here, let’s do it!

We all enjoyed the venue, with umbrella covered tables, surrounded by amazingly manicured grape vines. The menu offered a nice selection of pizzas and salads. My friends enjoyed the Chardonnays very much — apparently one of Dancin’s speciality.

Dancin Vineyard has a whole line up of entertainment and events, including a First Saturday Yoga event. For information on their “Happenings” go to their website.

Dancin Vineyard

Old and new friends together eating and tasting at Dancin.


Sampling cheese and wine at Dancin Vineyard

Sampling cheese and wine at Dancin Vineyard

The counter at which we were dining had a metal side panel (at knee level) with a pretty cutout design. I thought it might have potential for an “arty” image, especially with a wine glass perch in front. Below is the result of my experiment.

Dancin Vineyard

Dancin Vineyard.  Photo by Ellen Campbell

While the group finished their sipping, I took a stroll about where I discovered the chicken coop. It’s huge! The chicken were very calm and were a bit sleepy in the heat.

Dancin Vineyard Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Sign on Dancin Vineyard chicken coop

Sign on the chicken coop

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