Camelot Theater does “Sound of Music”

Sound of Music at Camelot Theater  Mar 13 – April 14

Camelot theater Sound-of-Music-Poster-400-2013

Camelot Theater Does the Classic Sound of Music

My friend Diana Roome sent me this email message:

If you like musicals, Talent’s Camelot Theater production of The Sound of Music (starting next week and running until mid-April) is going to be quite electrifying.  I know — I’ve been watching rehearsals!  In fact, I’ve had the novel experience of being part of them, as a singing nun — which has given me a renewed respect for what it takes to put on a show.  The lead singers and the von Trapp children are outstanding, and the place is oozing with energy and talent.  I realize for some it might be a little far to come all the way to Oregon — even to see such a production! — but thought you might be tickled to see the flyer anyway.

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  1. Ellen -
    March 17, 2013

    I saw opening night. It pays to have my neighbor be part of the Camelot Theater group. ;-)
    They did a very nice job, great voices. Cute kids!!!!!


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