Shade Garden, it is finally flourishing

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Shade Garden sans Deer!

[caption id="attachment_3360" align="alignright" width="290"]Shade Garden behind the Jardin room Shade Garden with hostas and ferns behind the Jardin room[/caption] This is the third growing season without constant deer predation, finally the shade garden plants are bravely leafing out! In the past the poor hosta never had two leaves at a time, the deer nibbled the leaves off as fast as the hosta would produce them.  I always had a vision of what this section of the garden would look like and now it's beginning to come to fruition (or is that leaftion?)

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In Chautauqua Square, not your usual street dudes!

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Ashland's Chautauqua Square on the corner of Main and Pioneer was abuzz with a different and refreshing look this afternoon.

A gang of tuxedo'ed young men were rambunctiously and cheerfully hanging out late this afternoon in Chautauqua Square --  displacing the usual scruffy panhandling denizens. [caption id="attachment_3347" align="alignright" width="300"]Groomsmen hanging out on the Chautauqua Square Groomsmen hanging out on the Chautauqua Square[/caption] While walking by, I complimented them on their "upgraded" look.  One apparently felt obligated to panhandle and asked if he could bum a cigarette.  They all happily lined up for me to take their photo!

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Late Spring in the Chanticleer Inn Bed and Breakfast Garden

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A Bed and Breakfast Garden

I love this time of the year in the Chanticleer Inn bed and breakfast garden. [caption id="attachment_3326" align="alignright" width="282"]Rhodies in the north part of the bed and breakfast garden Rhodies in the north part of the bed and breakfast garden[/caption] The "rhodies", dogwood, lupine, Japanese irises, and poppies are all blooming! Late spring in this bed and breakfast garden doesn't last long, but it does make lasting memories. [caption id="attachment_3325" align="alignright" width="224"]Bed & Breakfast Garden Pink Dogwood in the Front Yard[/caption]

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The Illusion” SOU Theater, May-June

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The Illusion

by Pierre Corneille, adapted by Tony Kushner  at the Center Square Theatre Award winning playwright Tony Kushner creates "The Illusion"  lush layers of illusion in this tale of a father seeking the help of a magician in his search for his long-banished son. Based loosely on L’Illusion Comique written by Pierre Corneille in 1636, the play is filled with conjured visions, unlikely transformations and unexpected twists of time and fate. For performance days and more details go to SOU theater department

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Avenue Q” at SOU Theater May — June

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Avenue Q Music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, book by Jeff Whitty at the Center Stage Theatre The 2004 winner of Tony’s triple crown of Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book. Avenue Q is a coming-of-age comedy where the real world defines the facts of life. Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers move over as eleven wacky puppets and three humans enact this zany, all too real, insightful extravaganza. Intended for mature audiences. For performance days and more details go to SOU theater department

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Happy [traditional] Birthday, William!

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[caption id="attachment_3319" align="alignright" width="170"]Old Willy's Birthday Old Willy's Birthday[/caption] Dear William, Happy birthday! From your admirers at the Chanticleer Inn: Ellen Kristel, Desiree, and Chelsea

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Music Ashland Oregon Ellis Paul Singer-Songwriter 5/3/12

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Eclectic Music Ashland Oregon

Ellis Paul Singer/Songwriter

[caption id="attachment_2996" align="alignright" width="300"]music ashland oregon Ellis Paul plays live music Ashland Oregon[/caption] Ellis Paul plays live music Ashland Oregon, he could be the most mainstream-friendly folk songwriter to emerge from Boston since Tom Rush. He has won an unprecedented 14 Boston Music Awards, sung at Fenway Park for the Red Sox, The Boston Garden for the Celtics and even had the mayor of Boston, Thomas M. Menino, proclaim it "Ellis Paul Day in Boston" on July 9th, 2010 when Ellis celebrated his 20th year in making music. (more…)

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The Unfortunates Review

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"The Unfortunates"

The Unfortunates is a world premiere, created by Jon Beavers, Ramiz Monsef, Ian Merrigan, and Casey Hurt; additional material by Kristoffer Diaz.  Directed by Shana Cooper.

A review by Angela Allen

The Unfortunates: Edgy or over the Edge? Full disclosure: I love edgy theater. Not that OSF doesn’t do Neil Simon or August Wilson up right, or even Shakespeare in period dress, but I prefer the small-theater, risk-prone productions. So The Unfortunates, playing at the newly named Thomas Theatre, wasn’t a huge stretch for me, but it could be for many. (As one playgoer, who prides himself on enthusiasm for works by Chekhov, Strindberg, et al, said, “the whole thing was entirely unfortunate – the music, the acting, the play.”) To be sure, the play is anything but linear, pretty darn plot-less (minus a love story between Big Joe and armless prostitute Rae), and fluid about time. So, if you prefer a story spooling out logically to an avalanche of metaphors about suffering, this play  will impress you as barely cohesive, experimental as hell, and moodier than most. And here’s the deal that contributes to that feeling: The Unfortunates is a collaborative effort among a number of actors-turned-playwrights-turned-musicians, all of whom play large parts in the play, and all of whom are fabulous actors and musicians (if not playwrights). The play/musical is mercifully 90 minutes short, without intermission. It begins in a prison camp, travels to a New Orleans-style bar and flirts with the underworld. The piece brushes with war, the plague, hell in all versions, and misfortune of all stripes – including armlessness and addictions. Its characters are bigger-than-life comic-book versions, from the bar “madame” to onetime bar-owner King Jesse, to dazed and bedazzled Big Joe with his over-sized craps-throwing hands, to pitiful songbird Rae whose wings are clipped. Everyone endures a miserable life, but without the trajectory or development of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Still, if I wasn’t wild about the show, I liked the music. You’ll hear strains of the blues, rap, rock and spirituals, including good old Amazing Grace and St. James Infirmary, with which the play begins and ends.  (Keep in mind the song’s first line is, “It was down in Old Joe’s barroom” and the play might make some sense.) I doubt The Unfortunates will go to Broadway or to off-Broadway, but I admire OSF for taking risks and producing such a wild and woolly ensemble piece.
-- Angela Allen is a Portland-based journalist, photographer and poet, who drinks in as many plays as she can when visiting Ashland and staying at the Chanticleer.

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Ashland New Plays Festival, Quietus, new play reading

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Ashland New Plays Festival presents ...

  [caption id="attachment_3303" align="alignright" width="200"]Ashland New Plays Festival, Quietus Ashland New Plays Festival, Quietus[/caption] A new play Quietus by Richard Manley, read/performed on Monday April 15, '13, Unitarian Church 87 4th St. Ashland. From perspectives of three characters: a medical researcher, an entrepreneur, and a bio-ethicist, the play explores the ability, and ramifications therein, to keep a body functioning after brain death. Ashland New Plays Festival tickets are $15 for general admission. Call 541 488-7995, or purchase tickets at Paddington Station or the Music Coop.  For more information go to their website.

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NW Dance Project at the Craterian

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NW Dance Project

[caption id="attachment_2809" align="alignright" width="175"]NW Dance Project NW Dance Project[/caption] This young Portland-based company has become a critics’ favorite with its fresh, adventurous approach to modern dance, mixing free-wheeling innovation and classical technique. Under the visionary leadership of Sarah Slipper, NWDP specializes in bold new work by the most exciting young choreographers in the world. In the words of Dance International Magazine, they are “changing the way dance is created.” 13 April 2013 at 7:30 PM Presented by: Craterian Performances

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