Black backed Woodpecker: Bio-Notes

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Black-backed Woodpecker, a Klamath Bird Observatory Note

[caption id="attachment_3931" align="alignright" width="225"]Black-backed woodpecker excavating a nest Black-backed Woodpecker[/caption] Black-backed woodpecker (Picoides arcticus) is said to be “one of the most enigmatic woodpeckers.”  I guess, they are not considering the Ivory-billed in their estimation. These birds can be sighted in the mountains near Ashland.  Black-back woodpeckers prefer forested areas that have had fires.  For more information and details of these black beauties, go to Klamath Bird Observatory's biology note.

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Mystic Treats Restaurant

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Pizza and Salad at Mystic Treats Restaurant

After a day rafting on the Rogue river, we went for pizza at Mystic Treats, a newish restaurant on Ashland St. near Rite Aid.  Mystic Treats has a diverse menu of unusual pizza selections.  If none of those works for you, then you can assemble your own.  Never being one to pass over smoked salmon, we selected to share the Jeremiah Johnson pizza and had our own side salads.  It was tasty and if I'm in the mood for pizza and happen to in that part of town it's THE place to go. It was our good fortune that Mystic Treats had live music tonight.  Maurice Woodard was playing some blues and jazz with Lucy accompanying.   Most of the time, as Maurice's service dog, Lucy quietly snoozes. But she has a special number in which she's does a duet with Maurice.  The link below is a video of part of their act. Maurice and Lucy  

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Backwards In High Heels” Oregon Cabaret Theatre Sept — Nov

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Oregon Cabaret Theatre presents "Backwards In High Heels" Sept - Nov

[caption id="attachment_3667" align="alignright" width="250"]Backwards in High Heels Backwards in High Heels[/caption] A striking show about Rogue Valley's very own former resident Ginger Rogers who famously said that she did everything Fred Astaire did but “backwards and in high heels”. Best known for her partnership with Fred Astaire, Ginger had a successful Hollywood career including dramatic roles as well. The show follows her from her teen years in vaudeville to her Oscar win for 1940 film Kittly Foyle. Backwards In High Heels combines cherished standards with new original songs, a compelling play, and many stunning dance sequences to tell Ginger’s fascinating story. Oregon Cabaret Theatre hits the spot if you're looking for fun, and talented entertainment.  One of Ashland's performing arts venues that have shows on Monday nights! September 12 – November 9 Previews September 10 & 11 Performances Thursday – Monday @ 8:00 (No performance on October 31) Sunday Brunch matinees @ 1:00 For more information visit their website

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Great Society” Rates Highest in the Larson’s 2014 OSF Scorecard

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"The Great Society" Ranked and Rated by My Guests

For many years, the Larson Family has been attending plays at Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  While visiting at the Chanticleer, Victoria shared with me how the family has developed a system to score and rate the plays they see.  Each family member scores the plays (1-9, of course plays being highly regarded get 9) he or she sees.  Then an average is calculated.  Below is an image of the Larson Family's 2014 OSF score sheet. It comes as no surprise that "Great Society", a play written by Robert Schenkkan that just won a 2014 Tony Award,  was uniformly liked by all family members, and then followed by "Comedy of Errors". [caption id="attachment_3906" align="alignnone" width="225"]Great Society Ranked by the Larson Family The Larson Family's Scoring System[/caption]

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Indigo Creek “Rogue Valley on Tap” Brewery Tours

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Indigo Creek does Rogue Valley on Tap brewery tour

[caption id="attachment_3883" align="alignright" width="225"]On Indigo Creek Brewery Tour Opposition Beer's Flight[/caption] Last weekend, friends and I went on a brewery tour conducted by Indigo Creek Outfitters.  They don't just do rivers!  They are growing into an adventure company. We really enjoyed the "Rogue Valley on Tap" tasting tour.  It was great to discover some of the local well-crafted beer.  All four breweries are in the Rogue Valley and easy driving distance from the Chanticleer. Speaking of driving, I recommend Indigo Creek tours, because they drive and you taste! It was especially wonderful to met a couple of the brewery owners and get a personalized tour of their operations.  There's nothing like talking with people who are masters of their craft, and who love to share their knowledge and passion for it. The first stop was Opposition Brewing Company. Here is where you get BIG beers. Be they brews with huge hop presence, big malt backbones, or prominent and unique flavor profiles, they brew beers that are approachable, but with the character necessary to challenge the mundane. Opposition offers a consistent selection of quality, small-batch, beers as well as rotating specialties. As they brew weekly, you’re guaranteed some of the freshest beer on tap in the Rogue Valley. [caption id="attachment_3884" align="alignleft" width="225"]Indigo Creek Brewery tour Walkabout Beers[/caption] Walkabout Brewing Company was established in 1997 in Central Point, Oregon by founder and head brewer, Ross Litton. Why "walkabout" for a company name?  Well when you hear Ross talk you know ... you can take the boy out of Perth Australia, but you can't take the Aussie out of the boy -- even after 21 years in Southern Oregon. Walkabout brews have been available primarily in Southern Oregon, however lately distribution has been expanded to include Portland, Salem, Eugene and Corvallis. Bricktowne’s restaurant and brewery is located in downtown historic Medford directly across from the Craterian Theater. They have an extensive lunch and dinner menu but are best known for their incredible craft beers. Bricktowne boasts some of the best beer in the valley, and with their selection of 11 beers they really have something for everyone. Click here to visit their website. [caption id="attachment_3885" align="alignright" width="300"]Indigo Creek Brewery Tour 2 Ross Litton, the Owner of Walkabout Brewing Company, Explains the Beer Biz[/caption] Swing Tree Brewing Company is a family-owned and operated Brewery Tap House, located in Ashland Oregon, that opened in the November of 2013.  Swing Tree is a place for family and friends to come together for great company and an exceptional pint. The centerpiece of the Swing Tree experience is its hand-crafted, artisan ales and lagers. Click here to visit their website.  

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Fledged Screech Owls

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Screech Owls! Great photo from KBO

[caption id="attachment_3871" align="alignright" width="380"]screech owls "We're watching you"   Photo (C) Peter J Thiemann.[/caption] These are the very same Screech Owl babies  who were 'disrupting' the plays in the Elizabethan theater earlier in the season. As soon as the music started up or actors started to say their lines, the owlets would join in. The audience could hear them in the 'background' [thankfully they weren't miked] and it sounded like the sound system was having a problem. When they were hungry and calling for food from their parent, they were even louder. There's a reason they are called "Screech Owls"! Now that they are fully fledged (as you can see by the picture) and learning to hunt for themselves, it's been much quieter in the theater. This photo comes from Klamath Bird Observatory Facebook page.

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Summer Fruit for Breakfast Starters

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[caption id="attachment_3863" align="alignright" width="291"]Summer Fruit "Peach Boat"[/caption]

Peach Boat, a summer fruit favorite at the Chanticleer

One of the best things about this time of the year is summer fruit!  Pictured to the right are what the staff and I call "Peach Boats". Fresh peaches, topped with thick creamy Meyer lemon yogurt  (non-fat, but doesn't feel that way!) with raspberries and strawberries, decorated with zest of lemon and fresh garden mint. The bowls consistently come back empty and suspiciously clean -- are people licking the bowls for that last drop of sauce? [caption id="attachment_3864" align="alignleft" width="225"]Summer Fruit All lined up and ready to serve[/caption]

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Island Night in Ashland Oregon

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Island Night, a Tropical Party at Daniel Meyer Pool

[caption id="attachment_3853" align="alignright" width="300"]Island Night Island Night in Ashland[/caption] Aloha!  Come to a tropical island themed pool party -- “Island Night: An Aloha State of Mind”. Saturday, July 19, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Daniel Meyer Pool!  Enjoy Hawaiian music and dancing and fun activities for all ages! A free community Hula dance workshop will be offered for anyone wanting to learn the beautiful moves of Hawaiian dance. Daniel Meyer Pool, a division of Ashland Parks & Recreation, is an outdoor facility located in Hunter Park at 1705 Homes Ave in Ashland. The pool will be open through September, 6, 2014. The pool offers Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI)® swim lessons, private lessons, swim team camps and Starguard® lifeguard certification. View complete information on pool activities and classes.  The pool can be reached directly at 541.488.0313.

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Dog-friendly Fountain

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Dog-friendly Water Fountain

[caption id="attachment_3839" align="alignright" width="300"]dog-friendly oasis K-9 Water Fountain[/caption] On Granite St. a couple blocks off North Main you may find a dog-friendly watering hole. A generous and kind resident set it up for our four-legged friends. Low enough for most dogs to reach and lap up fresh water. Ashland supports and cares for their dogs! The dog park on Nevada Street  has doggie pools for some of those hot summer days. Check out my restaurant list where you can find which restaurants are dog-friendly and will serve their clients on sidewalk tables so their canine companions may be with the diners.    

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2014 Applegate Lavender Tour

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Applegate Lavender Tour Festival, 2014

The Applegate lavender tour comprised of farms and nurseries will be inviting the public to visit, pick, and buy lavender-based products while their lavender is in bloom. Some farms are not open to the public at any other time in the year. Tour the lavender farms and nurseries to enjoy the beauty and scents of lavender; enjoy the journey as you travel through Oregon's pastoral countryside to each destination. Each location has different activities arranged for the festival, ranging from lavender bouquet cutting to mini-festivals with music, food, and vendors, so be sure to visit the Lavender-festival page to help you decide which locations to visit. Entry to each location is free.  

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