Hip-Hop Poetry Open Mic at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, 4/9/12

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April 9 at the Black Swan Theater: the Redant Souljah Crew - DJ Omari, Bed Baden, and I am Low.

"Get down like Shakespeare, flip language and be a rhyme master"

In order to explore the intersection of nexthetics (the term for hip-hop and spoken word aesthetics created at 2003 Ford Foundation Future Aesthetics conference) and classical theatre the Oregon Shakespeare Festival brings together expert practitioners and connects with community based performers. We hold educational lectures and workshops, program nexthetics based performers in the Green Show, and sponsor spoken word events.

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Ellen Reviews Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Seagull 2012

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival "Seagull" is a thought-provoking, moving play: in all aspects a superb production.

Unlike quite a few of my guests, I almost never pre-read a script or research the play before viewing it. However, in this case, for this play, my interest and enjoyment of this play would have been improved with a little preparation. For me, more contextual knowledge would have increased my engagement while viewing this play. (more…)

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Sue Foley and Peter Karp, 4/13/12

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[caption id="attachment_1643" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Foley and Karp"][/caption] Sue Foley and Peter Karp"He Said-She Said" An Evening of Folk, Jazz, Flamenco & Blues Friday, April 13, 2012 • 8pm Tickets: $20/advance, $22/door, $10/teens 12-17, children under 12 are free with paying adult. Unitarian Fellowship, 4th and C Streets, Ashland "He Said - She Said" is an inspired and winning collaboration of original songs by Canadian Juno award winner Sue Foley and critically acclaimed U.S. singer / songwriter and Blind Pig artist Peter Karp. The songs are adapted from letters and e-mails between the two over a 2-year period. (more…)

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Ashland Contemporary Theater presents “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf, 3/24/12 & 3/25/12

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[caption id="attachment_2167" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Virginia Woolf by Beresford (1902)"]Ashland Contemporary Theater[/caption]

Ashland Contemporary Theater presents "A Room of One's Own" by Virginia Woolf.

Location: Ashland Community Center, 59 Winburn Way, Ashland When: Saturday, March 24, 12 at 8pm and Sunday, March 25, 12 at 3pm. As a fundraiser for the Ashland Contemporary Theater, Artistic Director, Jeannine Grizzard, reprises the one-woman show she has toured throughout the Southeast for seven years. The play reveals the character and ideas of Virginia Woolf through her 1928 address to the women’s colleges of Cambridge. Her inspirational talk explores the nature of the artist and the conditions required to create genius. (Named fourth most important non-fiction of the 20th Century by Modern Library.) Advance tickets are $15, and for a $20 donation at the door.  Tickets are on sale at Paddington Station and Grocery Outlet in Medford.  You can make a reservation at 541 646-2971.

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Ashland Independent Film Festival, Sneak Preview

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Sneak Preview of the Ashland Independent Film Festival: a membership event!

We hope you will join us next Monday, March 12th from 7-8:30p at the SOU Music Recital Hall for a special member-only “Sneak Preview” of the 11th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival. At the event, you will be among the first to see clips from some of the highlighted 2012 films and hear about specifics of the festival line-up, including special guests, from AIFF Executive Director Anne Ashbey Pierotti. The SOU Music Recital Hall is located on South Mountain Ave. above Siskiyou Blvd on the SOU Campus. Parking is available in the lot across the street from the theater on South Mountain Ave, just past Henry St. Get directions. Please note that this event is one of an exclusive member benefits and as such is open only to current AIFF members, sponsors and advertisers. We look forward to seeing you on March 12th, and to celebrating independent film with you at the 11th annual April 12 – 16th! For complete festival ticket ordering information, visit our online Box Office.

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Klamath Bird Observatory bird walk-biking on the Bear Creek Greenway, 4/7/12

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Klamath Bird Observatory bird walk-biking on the Bear Creek Greenway [caption id="attachment_2050" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Orange-crowned Warbler"]Klamath bird[/caption] When: Saturday, Apr 7, 2012
Where: Meet at 8:00 at the Northwest Nature Shop
Join KBO volunteer and birder Forrest English for a fun biking and birding outing to the Ashland Pond and along the Bear Creek Greenway. We will enjoy the spring weather as we look for spring migrants like Common Yellowthroat, Orange-crowned Warbler, and Yellow-breasted Chat. We’ll also look for Belted Kingfisher, Wood Duck, Hooded Merganser, and more.
Bring your bike, helmet, and binoculars. Meet at 8:00 am at the Northwest Nature Shop in Ashland. Limited to 10 participants. To register, call 541-482-3241.

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Klamath Bird Observatory teaches Birding Basics, 5/2/12

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Birding Basics, hosted by Klamath Bird Observatory [caption id="attachment_2060" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Female evening grosbeak, photo by Samantha Franks"]klamath bird[/caption] When: Wed, May 2, 7pm – 9pm Where: North Mountain Park Nature Center Ever wanted to get involved with bird watching, but don't know where to start? In this fun evening class we will review the basics of birding: where to go, when to go, and what to look for. We will discuss the basics of bird anatomy, bird ID and bird behavior, and will view photos of Ashland's most common birds. We will practice our ID skills with an interactive Power point presentation. Finally, we will provide an overview and recommendations for birding "equipment:" field guides, binoculars, and scopes. $10. Register online at or call the North Mountain Park Nature Center at 541-488-6606.

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Ellen Reviews Oregon Shakespeare Festival “White Snake“, 2012

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[caption id="attachment_2145" align="alignright" width="100" caption="The White Snake. Concept and Illustrations by Owen Jones and Partners, Ltd. Photography by Jenny Graham."]Oregon Shakespeare Festival[/caption]

White Snake, adapted by Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is a fairytale portrayed with lavish beauty and clever illusion.

An ancient tale with classic messages, enacted beautifully with a blend of puppetry, light, ingenious prop use, acrobatic dance and live music. Both tragic and comedic, the tale will speak to many about loyalty, jealousy and most of all, loving enduring acceptance of others despite their demons. The run time is shorter than most plays, thus you will be transported into the fairytale with no interruptions, i.e., no intermission! If it's not obvious by now, I really liked this performance. My only regret is that White Snake will not be played for the full season. It closes July 8th. Only those who come early in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's season will be rewarded with this delightful performance.

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Ellen Reviews Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Animal Crackers, 2012

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[caption id="attachment_2092" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Animal Crackers"][/caption]

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Animal Crackers bodes well for the 2012 season!

Is it wacky? Yes. Is it broad in humor? Oh yes. Will it delight those who adore play on words and social satire? Yes, again. Will it charm those who love song and dance? Definitely! In the Vaudeville and Marx Brothers tradition, Animal Crackers is entertainment, strong on fun and weak on plot. But it's Vaudeville: do we really need a solid storyline?  It's entertainment that the entire family should enjoy. Judging by the two pre-teen girls sitting behind me who giggled, clapped and chortled throughout the entire play, I say bring the kids! This is the first Oregon Shakespeare Festival play of the season I have seen and the first ever review I've written for this blog. For those who know me and know which plays I tend to favor, then you'll know that Animal Crackers is not my kind of play.  That said, Oregon Shakespeare Festival does madcap, zany so well that you should not miss Animal Crackers. Alan "Rosey" Rosenberg, an Ashland realtor and self-styled theater reviewer has his own take on local performances and has created a website to share his passion for theater.  So for another review (from a much more theatrically knowledgeable point of view) go to Mr. Rosenberg's website.  

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Oregon Cabaret Theater: The Big Bang, a new musical, 3/30 thru 5/27/12

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[caption id="attachment_1273" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Oregon Cabaret Theater"][/caption] The Big Bang March 30 - May 27, Previews March 28 & 29 Jed and Boyd are ambitious young songwriters hosting a backer's audition to finance their show The Big Bang, the most extravagant musical ever written. However for this evening it's just the two guys madly tearing around a Park Avenue penthouse using every available piece of furniture and home decor to act out all the parts of their show whose subject is the entire history of the world. Adam and Eve enjoy free food in Eden. Slaves kvetch about schlepping stones to build the pyramids. Nefertiti's a soul diva. Caesar ignores the soothsayer's warning about getting "whacked." (more…)

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