Ashland Oregon, Bear Creek Festival at N. Mountain Park, 10/6/12

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Ashland Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation North Mountain Park hosts "The Bear Creek Festival"

A free, annual event (first Saturday in October) and includes hand-on experiences offered by many local and regional organizations and sustainable farms. Participants can enjoy a variety of fun outdoor activities such as: mask-making, fly-casting, Native American demonstrations and learn to become better stewards of the local watershed. Live entertainment takes place throughout the day and a wholesome and delicious food concession is provided. Exhibitors and participants are asked to help make the Bear Creek Festival a Zero Waste event.

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Camelot Theatre: The Best Man, 10/3/12 thru 10/28/12

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THE BEST MAN October 3 - 28, 2011 by Gore Vidal This Tony Award winning play examines the two front runners for their party's presidential nomination. Ex-Secretary of State William Russell is a wit and a scholar with high principles but no integrity in the bedroom. Joseph Cantwell is a ruthless and hard-driving young man, a dirty fighter who will let no scruples stand in the way of his ambitions. Both vie for the support of ex-President Art Hockstader, a man who loves politics for its own sake, admires a rough-and-tumble battle more than a chivalrous one, and is determined to have the final say in selecting his party's candidate. "Vidal's story is...suspenseful, funny...fresh!" — Associated Press. Camelot Theater, a semi-professional company renowned for performing high-quality plays, musicals, and musical events year round.  Ashland Oregon theater

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Oregon Cabaret Theater: Song and Dance, 9/7 thru 11/4/12

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[caption id="attachment_1271" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Oregon Cabaret Theater"][/caption] Song and Dance September 7 - November 4 Previews September 5 & 6 Performances Thursday-Monday @ 8:00, Sunday brunch matinees @ 1:00 Two of the Cabaret's most popular and polished performers come together to create an enchanting evening of brilliant song and thrilling dance. Kymberli Colbourne has been a stand-out performer in recent productions of Whodunit and I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. Her ability to connect with the audience, her rich, expressive voice and her skill at creating both touching and comic characters always delight. Christopher George Patterson brings charm and charisma galore, a soaring soulful voice and dazzling dance to the party. (more…)

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Rogue Valley World of Wine Festival

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Premier Rogue Valley wine festival "World of Wine Festival" turns 10!

[caption id="attachment_2528" align="alignright" width="300"]World of Wine Festival World of Wine Festival[/caption] World of Wine Festival is: four days of wine, food and more; 60-plus wineries, expanded clinics, culminating with the Grand Tasting event! The festival promotes not just the fabulous wines of Southern Oregon, but all of Southern Oregon by creating an exciting and unique event that ties together local businesses and the community. For more information about the World of Wine Festival in the Rogue Valley. Last year’s festival was very successful, with 85% of Southern Oregon wineries attending! Vintners and growers came from all over Southern Oregon and expressed their delight in the activities, and their desire to return this year.  

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Camelot Theatre: Woody Gutherie’s American Song, 8/8/12 thru 9/9/12

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WOODY GUTHRIE’S AMERICAN SONG, August 8 - September 9, 2012 Songs and Writings by Woody Guthrie, Conceived and Adapted by Peter Glazer. An exuberant musical celebration of America, Woody Guthrie's American Song tells the life of the rambling folk singer through his words and music. The musical follows Guthrie as he travels from the Dust Bowl to California and east to New York City. After its debut in 1989, the musical traveled all over America to rave reviews. Twenty-two songs include, This Land is Your Land, Pastures of Plenty, Deportees and Bound for Glory. "...the high beauty and the earthly humor of Guthrie's love affair with America." — The New York Times. Camelot Theatre, a semi-professional company renowned for performing high-quality plays, musicals, and musical events year round. Near Ashland, Oregon

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Play Reading “8”, 8/5/12

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Play Reading “8” by Dustin Lance Black Sunday, August 5, 12 at 8:30 pm in the New Theatre "8" is based on court transcripts and interviews and chronicles the historic 2010 federal court case Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, which sought to overturn Proposition 8. The reading has renewed relevance in light of  the recent decision on February 7, 2012, when a federal appeals court overturned Proposition 8, ruling that Californians took away a right from a minority group without justification when they approved the 2008 ban on same-sex marriage. The reading is among those sponsored by American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) and Broadway Impact. All tickets for this reading are $5.00 and will be donated to AFER. To order tickets, click the date of the play reading on calendar to the right or call 800-219-8161. Cast lists for the readings will be posted when information is available.

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Another Limerick from a Chanticleer Inn Guest

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Gotta love Chanticleer Inn guests!

While taking a reservation, I glibly asked for a limerick about her little dachshunds, and here's what I got:
There once were 2 dachshunds so naughty One pretty and sweet, and one haughty Come here said their master a little bit faster but they couldn't their legs were so shorty
Lucky me for creative, fun visitors to the Chanticleer Inn!

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Baby Fawn at the door of the Chanticleer Inn

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[caption id="attachment_2575" align="alignright" width="300"] At the door![/caption]

Chanticleer Inn: a deer nursery!

It's fawning time in Ashland.  A doe left a fawn at the front door -- literally on the Chanticleer Inn B&B's porch. Mother deer will leave the fawns in order to browse and feed, and will later return to them. Most of the time, the fawn is safely sequestered in tall grass or under a bush. Being so new fawns have no scent for predators to catch a whiff of, and the spots help camouflage the baby.  The deer in Ashland are so accustomed to humans, they leave them on sidewalks, in alleys, and now apparently at front doors. [caption id="attachment_2577" align="alignleft" width="300"] The fawn is just left of the door in the corner.[/caption]

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Travel Video: Ashland Oregon Bed and Breakfast

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Travel Video and Blog of Chanticleer Inn in Ashland Oregon Bed and Breakfast

ashland oregon bed and breakfast
Travel bloggers, Chris and Tawny produced a video of their stay at the Chanticleer Inn in Ashland Oregon bed and breakfast. View the video here. I truly enjoyed hosting Chris (aka the Captain) and Tawny. For more of their trip in Ashland, check out their blog! Chances are we'll see more of them and their work as they are planning to return to Southern Oregon later this year. 

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A Limerick from the Chanticleer Inn Guest Book

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Well, this is a Chanticleer Inn first.  I have never shared a guest book entry, but I've never had a guest pen a limerick either. 6/10/12
Of the lodge keeper all know as  Ellen We find ourselves practically yellin How she runs this great inn (Nothing comes from a tin!) How she does it alone, there's no tellin

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