Bagpipe and Didgeridoo Workshop with Richardson & Reid, 11/13

Bagpipe and Didgeridoo Workshop with Angus Richardson and Drew Reid
Sunday, November 13 • Time: TBA
Place: Community Food Co-op Community Classroom, 300 N. Pioneer, Ashland
Cost: $35 includes making didgeridoo
$20 to be there and not make a didgeridoo
Come, settle in to the Celtic tribal trance of DidgeriDrew and Angus. Learn about two of Earth’s ancient instruments – the didgeridoo and the bagpipes – and how Angus and Drew weave them in to today.
With the soundscape set, get ready to make and decorate your own didgeridoo – a simple yet profound instrument. A gift from the timeless Aboriginal culture of Australia.
DidgeriDrew and Angus will then guide you and before long you will be playing the world’s oldest instrument. The playshop will finish with an all-in didg-jam with the fellas. Then go forth, and carry the buzz with you all day…
For more information, please go to St Clair Productions


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