Ashland Public Art

Ashland Public Art

A collection of outdoor art pieces is scattered through the town. Most of the Ashland public art is viewable within a short period of time on foot. The mediums are varied mosaic, stone and bronze sculpture, murals, etc.

To assist a visitor in finding all the public art, the City produced a map/brochure. The print version is available at the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, the Information kiosk, and I have some in the inn. There is also an interactive online map [click here for the Ashland Public Art Collection].

Mosaic Cairn on Bandersnatch Trail

Ashland Public Art A Mosaic Cairn, "Water is Life" by Karen Rycheck 2017

A Mosaic Cairn, “Water is Life” by Karen Rycheck 2017

The cairn is on Bandersnatch, just off Waterline’s trailhead on Glenview. Each stone is a mosaic featuring native animals.

Mickelson Chapman Memorial Fountain

Oregon Grape in front of Ashland's Library

Oregon Grape in front Mickelson Chapman memorial statue in front of Ashland’s Library

In front of Ashland’s Library at the corner of Siskiyou and Gresham is a 1929 granite and marble statue.



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