Sue Springer at work on the Ashland Plaza Redesign!

Ashland Plaza Gets Spruced Up with Ceramic Friezes by Sue Springer

Sue Springer standing in front of her frieze on the Ashland Plaza

Sue Springer on the Ashland Plaza

While walking about downtown, I decided to check out how the new plaza project was progressing.  Lucky me!  Sue Springer was in the middle of setting the tile into the grout on  the side of a bench.  One side (not shown) already had all the tile, held up by blue tape and the other side was ready for grout.  I told Sue the blue tape was fetching and should consider keeping it there.  She agreed.  An wonderful artist with a good sense of humor too.

We’re lucky to have her design on the Ashland Plaza.

For more information about Sue Springer, visit her website

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