Ashland Contemporary Theater, “Pompadour”

Ashland Contemporary Theater premiers Pompadour — a new play by Molly Best Tinsley

Pompadour at Ashland Contemporary Theater

“Pompadour” at Ashland Contemporary Theater

Pompadour” plays three weekends starting January 19th, produced by Ashland Contemporary Theater, at the Ashland Community Center, 59 Winburn Way.

Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm, from Jan. 19  thru  Feb. 3.
Tickets: Regular admission: $15  Senior/student, $12.

Tickets can be bought at Paddington Station in Ashland, and Grocery Outlet in Medford, as well as online on the ACT website, by credit card thru Paypal.

Ashland Contemporary Theater presents the play as though you were a guest at the tiny private theater in Versailles — which means seating is limited.  ADVANCE PURCHASE is recommended.

Voltaire called Mme Pompadour a “soul born sincere,” “with good sense,” and “justice in her heart.”

Tinsley’s play begins at the end, when Pompadour has had a potentially fatal confrontation with the King’s latest young lover.  As she clings to life in her chambers at Versailles, she begins to make sense of her own.

Madame de Pompadour, titled Mistress to King Louis XV in the mid-1700s.  Accomplished and brilliant, this famed beauty was the first woman to hold and maintain power in government who was not born to it.  Though a commoner, she captivated the King and, for almost 20 years, she functioned as his secretary and prime minister-behind-the-scenes.

Jeannine Grizzard plays the ingenious Marquise in this one-woman drama, directed by Oregon Shakespeare Festival veteran, Peggy Rubin. Tinsley describes Pompadour as a woman who “broke the class ceiling” in the mid-1700s, achieving an unprecedented leading role in the nation’s history before the Revolution.  Though sexually supplanted, she managed to maintain her role as “Mistress of France,” until her death at 43.

In other news for ACT, don’t miss the moving and hilarious tour through the minds of four fascinating oddballs at the Community Center this weekend.  ACT is partial sponsor of Lyda Woods’ show, Solo Performances: Shaped by Experience.  I saw it last night and was impressed.  There are two performances left: 8pm tonight (Sat.) and 2:30pm tomorrow (Jan. 6th).

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