Apple Rose Tart in Chanticleer Inn Cookbook

Apple Rose Tart, page 18

Apple Rose Tart Chanticleer Inn speciality for small groups

Apple Rose Tart, page 18

Page 18 in the “Recipes Are Like Pearls” cookbook.

A quick Internet search will offer many recipes for these tarts, with various kinds of crusts, fillings, and methods of preparing the apples. These tarts are eminently photogenic (click on the image for a bigger picture); the images alone should entice you to do this recipe. Contrary to the way it may appear, the tarts are not at all difficult to create – however a bit time consuming.

I pulled from a few recipes, selecting the easiest and quickest techniques, while keeping true to the taste and presentation of the tart. While a regular wheat crust, such as pâte sablée, is more traditional, I usually prefer a nut crust for an apple rose tart, because it is quicker as there’s no need to rest the dough, and it can be gluten-free.

The tarts can be made in a single pie pan, as pictured above, or individual 6–8 ounce ramekins. The individual tartlets should feature a single large rose, with perhaps a ‘bud’ or two.

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