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Southern Oregon Lavender Loop

Introducing  Southern Oregon Lavender Loop!

At the Southern Oregon Visitors Association symposium last week I met a few “Lavender Ladies”.  They offered up a huge serving plate of homemade lavender shortbread dipped in chocolate.  Of course many of us had to sample; and just to make sure that what we were tasting wasn’t a fluke, go back for seconds — err o.k. thirds.

In recent years, nestled among the wineries, some lavender farms have cropped up in the Applegate Valley.  I can barely wait until the mid-summer when the lavender is blooming and the lavender farms, gardens and nurseries are open to the public.  What a lovely way space out the wine tasting, by walking through lavender fields!

July 12–14, 2013 the Southern Oregon Lavender Loop will put on a festival in Jacksonville. For more information, on the festival, please go the Oregon Lavender Destinations website. For specific information about the individual lavender farms, and a map of the Applegate go to the Southern Oregon Lavender Loop’s Facebook page. For more ideas on day trips throughout the Rogue Valley


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March 11th, 2013

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